Bedrock is the rock of my Christmas reading

Talking about the feels of Bedrock Old Vine Zinfandel, and how you can make every bottle special

You ever read and drink wine? It’s actually pretty rare that I finish a glass of wine when I read because I end up engrossed in the book and look like a book zombie flicking the pages or swiping on my phone through my kindle app. The wine is usually forgotten and left to the wayside.

Some of my Christmas read collection. Sweetness and a happy ending with some strife and touchy touchy stuff that makes me smile.

I did say rare, but not impossible. I do love me some good wine. Tonight we opened a REALLY lovely bottle of Bedrock’s Old Vine Zinfandel. It makes an average night feel kinda special. Special like, YAY I did my laundry and folded it (but didn’t put away because it’s only the real superhero moms who do that) and went to my kid’s Christmas concert (and genuinely enjoyed myself) and cleaned (which I did not enjoy, but will thank myself later for). So every average thing becomes a bit of a celebration. And who doesn’t love a celebration or a happy dance? Amirite?

Bedrock is a big wine in our house. We used to have a pretty decent sized allocation (the amount of wine you can buy from the winery based on previous purchases once you’ve gotten in through their waiting list) when we lived in the States. Now we live in Canada and our life is sad.

I really want to make good wine accessible for everyone. I really want you to like, GET it even if you’re NOT a wine person. So let me tell you why this wine is good for me when I’m blogging and hopefully reading a few pages of my Christmas romances (do they make sci fi Christmas books? I love sci fi, I love Christmas, maybe I should write a short story).

Here’s some information about it first (I LOVE info). Bedrock is founded by, honest to goodness, someone who sounds like an Einstein of wine. He could reportedly distinguish between different types of wine at 5 years old. 5! My 5 year old is pretty cool but she’s not telling me that this is a pinot noir and that is a cab sauv. His name is Morgan Twain-Peterson. This wine of his that I’m drinking now, it doesn’t have the weight that some wines do, which makes it perfect for focusing on something else, pairing it with an activity or food.

Ie. It’s pretty much an ideal wine.

Just now, I took a break and got myself a thai fresh spring roll, and guess what, it’s good with that too.

These spring rolls are my jam.


The nose isn’t obtrusive, and what I mean by that is that it doesn’t stink of alcohol. You knnnnoooowwww what I’m talking about. It legit smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers, and honestly that appeals to me because I love most flowers. Oddly enough, it also smells like skateboarding in summer with a hint of the crash of waves on the Adriatic ocean.

It feels purposeful. It feels like movement in summer.

You have your own memories that it would bring up, but I’m pretty sure the overall feeling would be that of purpose and movement.

If you have trouble recognizing how things make you feel, this is a great time to start. Grab a glass of wine, and just purposefully dip your nose into your glass and sniff the wine (like a puppy… try two short sniffs and a long whiff) and close your eyes. Let yourself relax into the smell and hopefully some solid images will pop into your brain. It’s how the pros do it (ish). That’s where they get phrases like, berry, tobacco, leather, etc. I can smell those too, but it’s even better to smell the other stuff. The stuff that makes your experience with wine special. If it’s not special, try to make it so that it is – so that everything you do brings you contentment.

#lifestooshorttodrinkbadwine. It’s not that the wine is necessarily bad, but if it reminds you of the feeling of being stuck in traffic on a newly paved 8 lane highway, it’s probably not for you.

That’s definitely my #tipoftheday.

I will purposely go and read now, and hope that if you’re looking for some wine to pair with your Christmas motions, you think of this one. It will DEFINITELY help you keep your mind moving forward beyond the one day that is Christmas, and help you smile about the feeling of this season.


xo, Juli

Oda al vino

Welcome! Here’s a bit about me and what I do here

Welcome to your place to unwind with a glass of wine while your kids may or may not be wrestling.  I hope you stick around to get some insights on good wine to buy now and drink now (mostly from the LCBO because I live in #Ontario), or to get some happy thoughts and do #mentalhealth checks (I love helping parents stay sane because #ittakesavillage), or just keep the tab open while your eyes glaze over due to lack of sleep. I got your back no matter what.

Real life for me. I get people squinty eyeing me all the time. 

Here’s my absolute favourite poem about wine to kick off this journey about practicing parenting. It’s by a Chilean author who really gets it. Ya know? 

ODA AL VINO- Pablo Neruda

Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of earth, wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-sea shelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine; never has one goblet contained you, one song, one man, you are choral, gregarious, at the least, you must be shared. At times you feed on mortal memories; your wave carries us from tomb to tomb, stone cutter of icy sepulchers, and we weep transitory tears; your glorious spring dress is different, blood rises through the shoots, wind incites the day, nothing is left of your immutable soul.  Wine stirs the spring, happiness bursts through the earth like a plant, walls crumble, and rocky cliffs, chasms close, as song is born.  A jug of wine, and thou beside me in the wilderness, sang the ancient poet.  Let the wine pitcher add to the kiss of love its own. My darling, suddenly the line of your hip becomes the brimming curve of the wine goblet, your breast is the grape cluster, your nipples are the grapes, the gleam of spirits lights your hair, and your navel is a chaste seal stamped on the vessel of your belly, your love an inexhaustible cascade of wine, light that illuminates my senses, the earthly splendor of life.  But you are more than love, the fiery kiss, the heat of fire, more than the wine of life; you are the community of man, translucency, chorus of discipline, abundance of flowers.  I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine.  Drink it, and remember in every drop of gold, in every topaz glass, in every purple ladle, that autumn labored to fill the vessel with wine; and in the ritual of his office, let the simple man remember to think of the soil and of his duty, to propagate the canticle of the wine. Translation from

How to Chill Your A#$ Out a Week Before Christmas

Need some helpful tips on keeping you sane through this next week? I’ve got you.

So this post is running about a week ahead of Christmas on purpose.  I was going to get to wine but since I feel SUPER run down, I figure so do you. It’s just that dang time of year that you want to be all happy happy smiley smiley but Janice over here is on your ass at work and then you forgot to buy  some gift online and now have to ACTUALLY WALK INTO A MALL, and your children, bless them, they’re feeling the pressure in their own way.  Thus, I’m attacking the #mentalhealth side of life first. Obs I’ll still have something about wine up in here. Come on. 

To re-reach your own personal level of zen I suggest you:

1.  Take some REALLY deep breaths. Like the ones you take to stave off tears. Seriously deep. Try 5 breaths from the belly and 5 from the lungs. It will increase your oxygen levels and get your system out of fight or flight mode. Repeat until you’re good to face another human who probably has a bunch of stress all over their face. 

2.  Drink water. It sounds stupid but dehydration raises stress levels too. Even minor dehydration. So if you’re feeling off, sit your ass down and drink some H2O. And stop with the coffee. Even the fancy stuff. 

H2O happens to be really good for your skin too

3.  Smile. Even if it’s the worst fake smile ever, smile. Like, smile at nothing. Its funny how the body can trick the brain and vice versa. When you fake smile it actually mimics a real smile, releasing all sorts of good stuff into the brain (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin). So sit in a bathroom stall and just smile your butt off like the crazy person you are and get back into the “functioning human” game. 

Yes, this is my face in all it’s yesterday’s makeup glory. 

5.   Remember you can only control your own behaviour, and no one else’s. So if everyone is being a dick around you, don’t hesitate to ask if someone’s “okay”. I did it a few times this weekend because I actually had to step into overcrowded insane malls and stores where the staff working looked like poor chickens who were half roasted and they’d rather their heads be cut off than work another second the week(ish) before Christmas.

6.  If you can, hug someone for more than 20 seconds. Breathe into the hug. You may want to cry. It’s okay, its just your body releasing tension, there’s nothing REALLY wrong with you. You’re just a stress case at the moment. Which most people are.

Kid hugs are the best hugs. And I generally don’t like being touched. 

7.  Turn off the Christmas lights if they twinkle. I sound like a troll and I promise my house is so full of twinkly lights that I understand the appeal of having them go all day every day, but give your senses a moment to catch up. Yes twinkle good. For a bit.  If you’re losing it, turn them off and just be one with the darkness. Flashing lights of any kind are designed to elicit a fight or flight reaction to our good ol animal selves.  So unfortunately, Christmas decor, in all of it’s glory, if on all the time, actually stresses you out a bit. If you’re determined I have no bloody clue what I’m talking about, no prob. Leave them on but now I want you to focus on the silence between the noise. Watch as one light flickers on and off and time your breathing with a few cycles of the darkness. 

8.  Last but not least, have a glass of wine.  Cheers!