Your first #wine Love

Talking about the crazy romance that was me and my first wine love…

It hits me every time. I actually smile and probably blush a bit when I see that little label. My heart does a light flutter and my eyes get a little teary. It’s the first real Love I fell into for wine. Capital L people. Capital L.

My first, and most certainly not last (wine monogamy IS NOT A THING), wine love was from a winery called Chappellet. They’re based in Napa Valley in California

A lifetime ago, pre-4 kids and a move to Canada, we (my husband Dave and I) were sitting in a kitchen in South Side, Pittsburgh at a friends house, when I was introduced to Chappellet. I’m pretty sure it was a Cab we drank and it stuck as truly formidable in the lineup that we had that night. The result was that the first time we ventured out to Napa, we made a point to do a tasting and tour of the winery.

Let me tell you, maybe things have changed in the last decade, but if they haven’t, there’s NO clear signage to get to this gem. As you’re driving up this windy road, and you stop at the fork, because of course there’s a fork in the road, wondering which friggen way to go, you spin around in absolute loss and then you get the view. There’s a turquiose lake, foiliage, hills and shit just melts away and you figure, everything’s all right, and this is waaayyy worth it.

Eventually, you will get there.

We did.

I know it sounds excessively dramatic, and for a long while, I thought I was dramatic too, because seriously, how can someone be in Love with a winery and the wines it produces?

I’ll tell you, because I’m SURE, 100% positive, that the robust emotional drives you have as an adolescent don’t go away.

They go into hiding and wait for something better to latch onto

For me, (aside from my husband) it happened to be wine. There are enough complexities in wine that I can probably study it a lifetime and it can still pleasantly surprise me.

If you haven’t found your “wine”, just wait. The deep capacity to love that came in adolescence is there, waiting to find some hobby that will make you content. It definitely doesn’t have to be wine. I hope you find it.

If you found a love (aside from your spouse) I’d LOVE to hear about it. I’m a sucker for a good romance. I mean, if you’d like to tell me how you met your partner, totally let me know that too. I read romance novels like they’re going out of style. I hope to write one one day too…maybe yours will be the inspiration!

One day I’ll blog the convoluted love story that was Dave and I finding one another, until then…



Author: ulee

I'm a #momoffour with one rainbow. I live in #hamont and love to explore good food, good wine and am always somewhat nervous taking my kids to restaurants (because #kids amirite?). I have my masters in counselling psychology (MACP) and have dreams of owning a wine bar and offering free counselling one night a week over a good cab.

4 thoughts on “Your first #wine Love”

  1. Chappalet is a hidden gem, I suppose, up in the mountains. I’ll never forget that amazing view when we went. No wonder why you fell in love with Chappalet!!! I’ll be drinking a glass up there with you.


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