A New Year, A New Who?

Looking at top three New Year Resolutions…

Happy new year! I always find it amazing that the second Christmas passes everyone has come to a firm(ish) belief that they’re not good enough and something needs to change (the infamous resolution).  What the heck did you do over the holidays to make yourself feel like unworthy crap? Seriously though. 

I’m currently coming out of the holidays with a bit of sickness due to stress, and probably dehydration. Who am I kidding. Definitely dehydration.  On top of my kids being sick over the holidays and having to deal with that, we’ve been partying in some form or another (baptisms, birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas parties, more birthdays) basically since early November. I don’t blame my body for backfiring on me (it looks like I have a cold sore and a runny nose which means I’m not leaving the house because eww.).  

Peace love and wine. Notice the bags under my eyes and strategically placed hand. Yeah. It’s that kinda day. At least I showered.

It’s not the time for me to make a huge assumption that I really need to change something about my life. But if you’re not like me, and you’re coming out of December fresh as a peach, good on you. We can talk too.  

The most change I like to make around this time is taking down the Christmas decos and high fiving myself for my clean house. 

In the middle of taking down Christmas….the tree is coming down today! YAY!

The top three resolutions plastered all over the internet and coming out of almost everyone I know are:

  1. Get organized
  2. Save more, spend less
  3. Lose weight

1. Getting organized: Is your house and home over-run with stuff from the holidays and do you usually feel like clutter is attacking you from all sides? For me, I do a combo of Marie Kondo (the Japanese art of tidying up) and the idea of hygge. 

Meik Wiking's, The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke.
These are the two books I go back to when I need a reminder of what makes life Hygge.

Hygge is this general feel of cosy home. It’s the thought process of couch throws, warm candle light, and appreciating everything about your friends. There is nothing wrong with just the hygge way of life-it’s not strict enough for me mentally. I can make a pile of anything feel cosy (trikery)…so I also subscribe firmly and fondly to madame Marie Kondo. 

Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up and, Spark Joy
The Bible in another form. Not really, but I read them at least once a year.

I do the Kondo-tidying once a year, prob soon actually. I’m sure I won’t have to do it so often once the kids stop growing (a lot of clothing turnover) or don’t get as many toys and little Knick knacks for Christmas which threaten my sanity.

If you don’t know, Marie Kondo is a master at organization with a clear reasoning behind why she does what she does. She is firm in the idea that you should only surround yourself in items that bring you joy. In her books she describes how to (so don’t worry if you have no clue wth I’m talking about).

It’s always nice to know you love what you already own.

My Toilet.
I’m talking, seriously only keep things that bring you joy. My tp holder is a vase I love from IKEA that I like seeing, and my mat makes me giggle. Does yours make you giggle?

It will also stop you from spending money. Which leads me to 2.

2. Spend less save more. Ok. Hear me out. This will NEVER happen unless you are HAPPY/CONTENT with what you own—or you completely disengage from all social media and TV (always an option…but then I wouldn’t see you and that would make me sad). So. Go back to number 1 and try to wrap your head around your surroundings and feel the love in everything ya got. If you love everything you own and engage with it all more, yes even the thing housing your toilet paper, you’ll be less inclined to seek out material happiness elsewhere. 
Otherwise feel free to take a break from anything with a screen because it will only be pummeling you with ways to spend your dough on the new you for 2019.

3.  Lose weight.  …do you really need to?? Like, really do you? Do you actually want to change your eating habits in January when your body is still prob in hibernation mode and you more than likely haven’t been eating your usual amount and gained a few pounds over the last few weeks?  Your habits are prob currently less than stellar. Your baseline is all wrong and out of whack.  Give yourself some time to get back to eating as you usually would and then attack weight loss like a fierce animal. Until then, start with water.  I’ve said it before and I’ll more than likely say it again, water is the stuff of life. It will help your body remember it’s thirsty, not hungry. Until it’s hungry. Then you know. 

Like, give yourself a break! Everyone wants to feel healthy. Make this goal something to start in spring – you can EASILY combine healthy food (seasonal food is cheaper=you’ll be happier buying it) and outdoors are just waking up (it’s SPRING bitches!) which means it’s time for easy and free exercise in the great outdoors. Outdoor trails are amazinggggg. 

Honestly, every time I’ve gone to the gym in the new year,  by the time March- April comes around I find I just don’t care enough about my “resolution” and I stop going and cancel the membership, which means it was probably just a knee jerk reaction to the holiday craziness. I kinda don’t mind the way I look. My kids like me. My husband likes me. I do like feeling strong which is a whole other post…but I’ll get there another day.

The thing about a resolution is, if it’s not perfectly tailored to your current time and stress allotment, it will probably fail. 
Don’t set yourself up for failure. 

This will be the first year I do the Kondo with 4 kids…wish us patience, perseverance and health. If you decide to do it too, I’ll wish the same for you. Luck has nothing to do with what we’ve got going on in here.

Money. Well, money would always be good. Hopefully going through every possession in my house knocks some sense into me, that I really don’t need that vase (or three) from target just because they’re 70% off.

3 vases
Or do I because aren’t they just the cutest most perfect vases for this room? I LOVE THEM. Plus, ya know. They were 70% off. Go Target Go.

If I’m exercising, it’s to make me stronger but only if I can make time. There’s zero sense in me spending money on a babysitter and gym and then feeling guilty because I have zero drive to go. If there’s zero drive to go to be gym and spend that dough, my genius friends, it’s prob not a resolution for me or you.  You prob like yourself more than you let on.  And that’s a fantastic thing. 

Maybe an excellent place to start your resolution would be to look at the awesome animal you are. And rock it. A new year new who? Doesn’t have to be you. Just love the life you’re living.

Cheers, Juli