Adventures in board and batten

Sometimes you just gotta do it and more than likely fail, but there’s still that chance you’ll succeed.

I got a mitre saw for Christmas.


There she is in all her boxed up glory. More on why she’s still in her box below…

I have some crazy, and maybe misplaced, notion, that I can be good at aesthetic woodwork.

Who knows. All I know is Dave indulges me to a point where I have to make stuff worth it. And I know his squinty eyed indulgence is definitely a way he shows he loves me. And I (try) to make things beautiful for him and the kids. And currently, I believe I need a mitre saw to do so.

So here we go- I’m starting my first project. Board and batten in my awkward, long entry way, Canadian, cookie-cutter, suburban home. I’m gonna try the stairs too.

Here’s part of the hall I’m attacking with gusto.

I’m actually terrified to use the saw. It’s been sitting in its box, unopened since Christmas.

My step dad, who did hardwood floors for a living, totally sawed off two of his fingers with a saw.

And he used saws ALL THE TIME. So I have some reservations. But I also read from another DIY-er (can I even consider myself one yet?) that if I have common sense to be careful using a knife or any other sharp object I should be okay using a saw. I’m hoping I’m okay.

Baby stair blockade. We actually don’t use stair gates, I have one blocking off the living room/kitchen from the rest of the house. So in order to actually take the baseboard off, I had to unleash the kraken…aka baby. With the stairs responsibly blocked off.

I told Dave it’ll probably take me until Christmas to finish. (Yes I know it’s February. I have four kids, two who are still at home with me, and Dave works out of town like, 3 days a week…you gotta be clear with yourself and how long stuff will take.)

Day 1: There’s no turning back now. Only about 250 more days to go. That’s a lot of days. Maybe I’ll get it done by April. Maybe.

Wish me luck!